Infrared Sauna


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This is the perfect way to detox!  Environmental toxins build up in our systems and wreak havoc on our health unless we intentionally act to remove them.  

Our infrared sauna differs from others in that it is full spectrum, meaning it provides near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths.  Most infrared saunas are far infrared only.  Our sauna also offers the lowest and safest EMF and ELF of any on the market. 

Near Infrared: 

-reduces body fat 4 times faster than with exercise alone

-increases energy in our cells

-increases circulation to the muscles

-speeds up detoxification

-rejuvenates collagen 7 times faster than normal 

-helps joints heal and function

-reduces muscle pain and increases flexibility

-studies show possible tie to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's prevention

Mid Infrared:

-improved circulation

-weight loss

-pain relief

Far Infrared:

-improved circulation

-facilitate detox

*All wavelengths are beneficial alone, but it's the combo of the 3 that provide the greatest benefit and faster detox

Other benefits:

-Improved immune system

-Mood improvement

-Detox your body of heavy metals and EBV

-Improves appearance of cellulite

Light Therapy:

-Our sauna has 96 bulb therapeutic grade light therapy

-Chromotherapy (color light therapy) is a technique of restoring balance by means of applying color to the body.  

-Different colors elicit different responses in people.  Some can be stimulating while others are soothing.  Full-spectrum, ultraviolet, colored, and laser light can have therapeutic value for a range of conditions from chronic pain and depression to immune disorders.