Morgan's Story

Those of you who know Morgan, know she's always on a quest for clean and effective alternatives to the chemical-laden household names of everyday products.

As part of her personal quest in battling ultra sensitive skin, Morgan stumbled upon CRUNCHI. She purchased a foundation sample and was quickly pleased with its performance and a sudden change in her skin, for the better!  She continued to be pleasantly surprised with the performance of every product she tried thereafter and knew she needed to be part of the CRUNCHI community.

After furthering her education in Functional Medicine, Morgan began to truly understand the importance of using clean products.  She began researching common ingredients in everyday products and was astonished to learn of the number of toxins she was slathering on her skin (and entering her bloodstream) on a daily basis!  

Understanding the role ingredients play in hormone disruption, carcinogenic risk, and irritation potential, Morgan decided to join the CRUNCHI movement of like-minded individuals with a passion for living and sharing in social, environmental, and health conscious lifestyles. She especially appreciates CRUNCHI's strict ingredient guidelines, research backing every ingredient in every product, and their leaping bunny certification.

Morgan is happy to have finally found a way to avoid compromising her health for beauty and beauty for health.  Interested in swapping out some of your everyday beauty items for a clean and effective alternative that will perform without compromising your health?  Click the link below to shop, or email Morgan at with questions!

Morgan's Personal Favorites:

Smart Primer

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

Flat Top Brush- a must for perfect application!

Finishing Powder